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Member of ABBI since 2007In the early 1980's Rod Schellenberg started his breeding program. Over the years he has raised and purchased many great bucking bulls that have performed on every level of rodeo in Canada and the USA. This also includes the bucking bull of the CPRA and Bull of the CPRA Finals.  In 1999 we started to purchase bull calves from Barry Quam and by 2000 we discovered just how high a percentage of good bulls he had. That year we sent Z12 Jiminy Cricket to Barry's to breed his cows along with Single Shot (a bull previously raised by Rod). We purchased 17 heifers off those two great bulls in 2001 which really enhanced our existing herd.

S74 Cracker

Cracker came from Barry Quam’s herd and was one of the most talented calves ever seen. He went to the CFR four times and the PBR Canada Finals for two years in a row. This Superstars career was cut short due to a leg injury in 2007. Cracker is currently being used as a breeding bull with young calves on the ground.
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Bombs Away

  • 5 year old
  • runner up bull of the 2010 CFR
  • Un-ridden
  • Sire is Quams Bomb
  • dam is cow #27 (Single Shot)

S9 Diggin It

Diggin It was a great grandson to Panhandle Slim. He went to the PBR Canada finals in 2007. In his short career he left quite an impression with how hard he could kick and turn back. He was ranch raised and passed away in the spring of 2008 as a 5 year old. We are currently bucking his bull calves that show lots of promise. His heifer calves are currently being used in our breeding program. 

N77 Scalp Hunter

This son of Jungle James was as tough as they come. He was not easy to handle, but bucked as hard as any other. They rode him for 90 points in the short round at Napa Bud Light Cup. He went to two CFR's and made the trek to the PBR in Las Vegas. He died at the age of 13. This bull has many offspring with lots of talent. One of his calves is Bounty Hunter, who has made the CFR for the last two years, and has been rode for 90 points.
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M7 Convict

This bull is big and Scary! He has only ever been rode once for 91.25 points. He has been ranked as high as third on the ProBullStats in North America. We have many 2009 calves currently on the ground off of this bull. He is one of the most athletic 1800lb. bulls that we have ever seen. He was raised by Bob Baird.
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Plain and Simple

This bull is athletic and unpredictable. This bull never has the same trip twice. He blows and kicks as hard as a bull can. In 2009 at Armstrong, BC. he was marked a 48.5. We currently have 2009 calves on the ground. This bull went to the CFR in 2009. He was raised by Bob Baird.
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S5 Cattlemans Q91

This bull was one of the most consistently ranked bulls ever in Canada. He went to the CFR three times and was the 1995 “Bull of the CFR.”  He made the PBR Finals in Las Vegas. He was the CCA “Bull of the Finals” in 1996, and the “Bull of Ponoka” in 1997. They rode this bull for 90 points many times and his heifers are a vital part of our breeding program.
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Z12 Jiminy Cricket

This little black muley packed a punch as a bucking and breeding bull. No other bull in Canada has raised as many buckers as he has including the grandsons and great grandsons. He was two times Bull of the Year in the Alberta Rodeo Circuit. Chris Shivers rode this bull for 93 points in the short round at the Built Ford Tough PBR in Vancouver. He made the PBR Finals in Las Vegas where Tuff Hedeman rode him for 90 points. He also made the CFR twice.
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S7 Bounty Hunter

  • Sire - N77 Scalp Hunter
  • Dam - 23 (Jiminy
  • Cricket Daughter)
  • 2 times to the CFR
  • *Ranch Raised*



High Tide


High Roller

Push Play

Little Hoya

Pro Bull Stats:

Quams Bomb

Jacked Up