Bucking Bulls

Outlawbuckers bulls come from The Baird and Schellenberg families. They have been involved in Rodeos and raising bucking stocks for several years. Our family started raising bulls and bucking horses in the early 1980's. After selling bulls and horses to other stock contractors for several years, Bob and I decided to combine our efforts, and in 1993 B&S Livestock was formed.

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We then obtained a CPRA Sub-Contractor card and  went to our first Canadian Finals Rodeo in 1995 with 2 bulls (S5 Cattleman's Q91 and S43 Hi Tech). S5 Cattleman's Q91 was awarded bull of the CFR that year.

Since then we have had numerous bulls continuously selected for the CFR, including 2005 when we had a record setting 14 bulls make the trek to Edmonton, Alberta.  In 2009, we broke the record again with 15 bulls going to the CFR.

B&S Livestock has had many accomplishments with our bucking stock. Our bulls were selected to go to 3 PBR Finals in Las Vegas. We have been involved with many PBR Canada events, CPRA/PRCA Rodeos and WPB Bullridings.


Bomb Proof

  • 5 year old
  • Still un ridden
  • Sire is Quams Bomb
  • Dam is Cow #27 (Single Shot)
  • Sold to Calgary Stampede

Half Pint

  • 6 year old
  • Bull of the 2009 CCA Finals
  • Sire is Rock Bottom
  • Dam is Cow #10 (Jiminy Cricket)


Bombs Away, Past Champion

  • Sold to the Calgary Stampede
  • 5 year old
  • runner up bull of the 2010 CFR
  • Un-ridden
  • Sire is Quams Bomb
  • dam is cow #27 (Single Shot)

S73 Squirt

(Past Champion)

301 McLovin

(Past Champion)

56 Little Hoya

(Past Champion)

S3 Handy Man

(Past Champion)
  • 2 Time Bull of the Calgary Stampede
  • CCA / FCA / CRA Bull of the Year and Finals
  • Sold to Big Country Rodeo

Plain and Simple

(Past Champion)


Z12 Jiminey Cricket

(Past Champion)
  • 2 Time Bull of the Year - Alberta Rodeo Circuit
  • Highest Score - 93 Points (Chris Shivers)
  • 1 PBR Finals in Las Vegas
  • 2 CFR Finals
  • Semen for Sale

S5 Cattlemans Q91

(Past Champion)
  • 1995 Bull of the CFR
  • 3 CFR Finals
  • 1 PBR Finals in Las Vegas
  • CCA Bull of the Finals 1996
  • Bull of Ponoka 1997
  • Semen for Sale
  • *Ranch Raised*


(Past Champion)
  • CPRA Bull of Canada
    (Sold to Big Stone)
  • CFR Finals

S43 High Tech

(Past Champion)
  • 1996 Bull of Ponoka
  • CFR / CCA / PBR Finals

Crocadile Rock

(Past Champion)
  • 4 CFR
  • 1 PBR Finals In Las Vegas

N77 Scalp Hunter

(Past Champion)
  • PBR Finals in Las Vegas
  • 2 Times to the CFR
  • 90 Points - Napa Bud Light Cup
  • Short Round
  • Last living son of Jungle James

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